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Please allow me to introduce Jessica from TeamUp. Jessica is someone you want to know. Aligned with my focus of helping gym operators shorten the learning curve and maximize bottom-line profitability, Jessica and her team offer better management software for your business. With that said, here’s Jessica….

TeamUp ( completely takes the complexity out of managing your classes, payments, members, and more. Designed to help you run the best version of your business, TeamUp is easy to use, flexible and includes everything you need right from the start. From brand new businesses getting off the ground to growing gyms and studios, TeamUp empowers its customers every step of the way.

Get started with TeamUp in 3 quick steps**:**

Sign up for a free 45-day trial using this link (

Use our free import service to let us migrate over any data from your previous system or spreadsheets for you

Invite your members to start making their bookings and managing their memberships with TeamUp

Watch as your admin reduces, business grows, and community thrives. You can count on TeamUp to help you take 100% control of your business and deliver an incomparable experience to your members.

To schedule a demo to see if TeamUp is the right fit for your business, click this link to book a call with our team. Looking forward to chatting soon.

All the best,

Don’t forget to sign up for a free 45-day trial using this link. (


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