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online-resume-samplesLanding the next great position to grow your fitness career starts with that all-important piece of paper: your resume. If you’ve been in the fitness world you’re already used to competition. A concise, powerful resume will not only level the playing field, but also help you rise to the top of the list of candidates for a position. We look forward to bringing energy, expertise, and creativity to the resume that unlocks your career for the future.

Having worked in the fitness business for decades, we know what club owners are looking for and how to capitalize on your strengths and unique skillset to meet their needs. We give personal attention to the person behind the resume, learning about your achievements, skills, education, and aspirations.

Most of the time your resume is an employer’s first contact with you, even before a handshake or an engaging conversation. The key is to highlight your talents while making a case, so to speak, on why you would be a good fit for an organization. A solid resume in hand gives you confidence in marketing yourself, speaking about your work history and accomplishments, and negotiating your salary after you receive an offer.

For affordable, timely, no-nonsense fitness resume services contact us today and let’s get started.


"While we share the 'how to's,' we help you effectively apply success principles yourself. Our programs are designed to give you quick measurable results." ~ Jim Thomas

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