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With the current economic situation, fitness centers around the country are feeling the effects of decreasing profits and increasing energy costs. With summer approaching we can only expect energy costs to continue to increase putting more stress on your bottom line. Fitness Management & Consulting understands that these increases in energy costs come at a time when new membership sales fall sharply.

With the new deregulation laws, individual companies are able to change their energy provider. This strictly pertains to the generation and transmission of electric and will not affect your local utility company!  We have partnered with one of the nation’s fastest growing energy retailers (EMEX Power) to provide energy savings to fitness centers in TX, NJ, CT, IL, NY, and PA. As time goes by we will be adding additional states.

EMEX has negotiated with top energy providers to secure significantly lower rates for your club, which can amount to savings of up to 25% on your monthly energy bill – anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, our intelligent online platform automatically tracks market conditions and trends to find your lowest rates.


Are you ready to start paying less on your commercial energy bill? EMEX simplifies the process with a cutting-edge online platform that lets you quickly compare rates and easily switch to a lower-cost energy provider. No obligations, no hassles, no risk, and best of all — there’s absolutely no cost to find the lowest rates.


Simply tell us your location and basic energy usage information, and our online platform will find the best energy rates from up to 15 highly qualified energy providers – instantly and in real time. There’s no obligation to get a quote – and no need to share your private information or sensitive business data.


You no longer have to spend days and weeks shopping around for the best rates. Our proprietary offer comparison tool does all the work for you. We analyze the energy market to see how rates are trending, create a sample of what your new bill might look like for any given month, provide you with a side-by-side analysis of your current provider against your new provider, and even calculate your potential bottom-line savings. We put the power in your hands to make the best decision for your commercial energy needs.


A custom quote gives more suppliers the opportunity to compete for your business with potentially much better rates. Start getting custom quotes now!


If you prefer interacting with a real person, you can rely on one of our highly trained representatives to provide you with robust customer support before, during, and even after the enrollment process. We are committed to the highest levels of service and expertise to ensure your satisfaction.

http://fmconsulting.emexpower.com or call 800-929-2898 or email


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I contacted Jim Thomas and Fitness Management & Consulting around November 2010. We made arrangement for him to come out and do the two day sales training. I was a little skeptical at what difference could be made in two days of sales training. However I put that aside and embraced his teaching and philosophy and what a difference it has made. Our previous best month prior to Jim coming out was 31 signs. He came out toward the end of December and when he left we had one week remaining, we signed 18 people in that final week, more than any single week we had prior. The following month we signed 66 people, which at a high price point facility isn't too bad considering where we were. After that first full month it was off to the races. We then retained Jim for the ongoing three times a month teleconferences and webinars and have been doing so for the past year. We have more than doubled out membership basis and more than doubled our membership dues. One of the most important things he gave us was correct mind set for sales and set the bar where it should be. Prior to Jim we thought that 31 was a really good month now we know our goals should be 150-200 in a month and he has given us the tools to do so. One of the best things in dealing with Jim on an ongoing basis is that he really seems to genuine care about you and your companies success. He always makes himself available to answer questions and doing one on one training with employees who need it even when it does not fall within the normal scheduled teleconferences. I really can't say enough about how great it has been to work with Jim and how much he has help our business grow. I have recommended him to people who ran even in the fitness industry because well sales are sales. If you own a fitness club I can't imagine why you would have him out to at least do the two day training it is well worth every penny, you WILL make back every dollar and then some faster than you can imagine.

Matthew T.


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