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Sealing the Deal: The Benefits of a Gym Broker

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Traditionally, a broker serves as a facilitator between buyer and seller, arranging transactions in exchange for a commission. If you’re starting a new gym or modifying your existing vendor list, you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of gym brokers. You don’t have to face the daunting venture of starting a fitness center business alone.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking of becoming a health club or fitness center owner, your gym broker can locate prospective sellers. A qualified gym broker will have valuable insight on buying and leasing space, establishing contracts with companies that supply the latest in health club equipment, and securing package deals. Your broker can also assist in acquiring the basics — pool maintenance products, locker room supplies, health and beauty products, or vending machines.

Establishing or Expanding Your Vender List

If you are just starting out as a fitness center owner, you don’t need to spend more time establishing your vendor list than you have to. For instance, if you would like to open a café or juice bar in your business, your gym broker may negotiate with potential food service vendors for the best contract that meets your needs. Your broker may also know about janitorial services, computer maintenance companies, or commercial repair services that offer special rates to new gym owners.

Other Knowledge and Resources

A gym broker should have extensive expertise in the health and fitness industry, whether it be as a fitness center owner, a trainer, a consultant, or even a motivational speaker on health and fitness. The more experience your broker has, the better equipped he or she is to approach potential vendors and effectively close the transaction. In other words, a broker with vast experience wears many hats, offering consulting services in the areas of sales, marketing and/or training.

Remember, with a seasoned, resourceful gym broker, you have a partner that works on your behalf to save you time and increase your profits. Contact Us for questions about gym brokers, health club management, and any other questions.



A Recommendation of Jim Thomas, President of Fitness Management and Consulting

by Norm Cates, Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993

Jim Thomas is a talented, experienced, dedicated, determined, and very professional expert in the health, racquet and sportsclub industry. A club industry veteran of over 30 years, Jim has been a Club Insider Contributing Author since March of 2006, when he joined our Club Insider Contributing Author Team. During that time Jim has written and contributed 50 articles which have been published during our 284 months of Club Insider publishing. Jim Thomas is a truly great asset to our publication, and to our wonderful industry, and he can be trusted to deliver great results, over and over, no matter what the challenge.


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When is it Time to Sell Your Health Club or Gym?

gymsaleMany factors will tell you when it is time:

  • Owner’s “burn out” Owner’s or key employee’s health problems
  • Business relocation or rerouting of expressways
  • Lease expires and you do not want to renew for another term
  • Changing technology Get estate in order
  • Not interested in investing long-term capital
  • Children do not want to enter family business
  • Under-capitalized
  • Largest accounts in financial difficulty
  • Bank unwilling to renew credit lines
  • Supplier problems
  • Staff problems
  • Customer’s habits changing
  • Seeks retirement
  • Wants to cash out and go fishing

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Whatever the reason, you will need to plan an orderly transition to new ownership with less involvement on your part.

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