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Decorating Your office Does Not Have to Be ExpensiveDecorating Ideas That Save MoneyRedecorating is often the one redeeming part of moving from one house to another. Creating a new decorating scheme for your office can be a lot of fun. It can also be really intimidating. You will be happy to learn that there are quite a lot of ways to create a nice, friendly vibe to your house without having to spend your entire bank account. It is easy to decorate your new house inexpensively. Are you looking for ways to decorate without spending all of your hard earned money? Here are some ideas:Thrift stores are great. You can find fantastic deals at thrift stores as well as at other types of used and second hand stores. There are lots of decorative items on thrift store shelves, you just need to learn how to be creative with what you find on the shelves. With some time and effort just about anything you find in a thrift store can be turned into something decorative. Those funny looking clothes that you often laugh at while browsing through thrift stores can easily be turned into other things. If you want really great stuff from your thrift store shop at the thirft stores in the wealthier areas of town. Paint your rooms a new color. The idea behind painting in new colors is to use neutral tones for the majority of your walls so that other things will stand out. Decorating is easier when most of your walls are painted in neutral tones because the smaller items won’t be as likely to clash—so you have more to choose from! You could also choose to leave one of the walls in its original color. This is called making an “accent” wall. Using this decorating method saves you time (you only have to paint one wall) and cost effective (you don’t have to buy as much paint). If you hate the color, changing it won’t be a hassle because you will only have the one wall to re-paint, not the whole room!A cheap (and often free) way to get great photos for your office is to download and print them from sites like Flickr and stock photo sites. Using the photos you find on a site like Flickr is easy—most are uploaded with the intent that they will be used—simply save them and print them with your own desktop printer or have them professionally printed at a print shop. Filling your office with wonderful photography doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to look for it. Using your own photos is another way to decorate with photography. Even a quick snapshot can be made to look like a professional photo with the right editing software. For not very much money you can have fun and decorate your office! For many people the decorations they crave are already accessible. It just means that they have to look around and get creative. Sometimes a bare wall has more personality than one filled with framed paintings.Store bought art is fine, but sometimes the decorations you make yourself are even better! Decide what kind of décor you truly want before you start looking for individual pieces. Jumping in and going overboard is only good for emptying the bank account.Office design professionals - Equipped with over twenty years of combined experience, OSCA team delivers office interior . Our business development personnel, interior designers, and task managers are dedicated to helping you achieve a more expert and credible image through updated business centers. Our customer-centric approach allows us to be a reliable partner in every stage of development.UNCOMPROMISED QUALITYDespite the size and scope of the task, we have the ability to provide the highest quality design solutions for cutting edge office environments. Furthermore, we strive to be consistent with our unique processes, guaranteeing utmost performance and profitability for your business.IMAGINATIVE CUSTOMIZATIONOSCA offers fresh and One Stop Creative Associates Singapore for the most imaginative spaces. We give attention to what makes your company standout, incorporating office design to our design solutions. Our versatile process permits us to engage clients in the development of our ideas from conception to construction.FAST RESPONSEThrough the combined efforts of our design and management teams, we have the ability to deliver our their clients' requirements properly and without delay. We have regularly shown our capability to complete jobs with minimum downtime duration, mobilizing our resources appropriately.

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A Recommendation of Jim Thomas, President of Fitness Management and Consulting

by Norm Cates, Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993

Jim Thomas is a talented, experienced, dedicated, determined, and very professional expert in the health, racquet and sportsclub industry. A club industry veteran of over 30 years, Jim has been a Club Insider Contributing Author since March of 2006, when he joined our Club Insider Contributing Author Team. During that time Jim has written and contributed 50 articles which have been published during our 284 months of Club Insider publishing. Jim Thomas is a truly great asset to our publication, and to our wonderful industry, and he can be trusted to deliver great results, over and over, no matter what the challenge.


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When is it Time to Sell Your Health Club or Gym?


Owners of Health Clubs all reach a point in the history of their enterprise when it is time to “hang it up.”

Many factors will tell you when it is time:

  • Gym Owner’s “burn out” Owner’s or key employee’s health problems
  • Business relocation or rerouting of expressways
  • Lease expires and you do not want to renew for another term
  • Changing technology Get estate in order
  • Not interested in investing long-term capital
  • Children do not want to enter family gym business
  • Under-capitalized
  • Largest accounts in financial difficulty
  • Bank unwilling to renew credit lines for gym financing
  • Supplier and gym vendor problems
  • Staff problems
  • Gym member’s habits changing
  • Seeks retirement
  • Wants to cash out and go fishing

Whatever the reason, you will need to plan an orderly transition to new ownership with less involvement on your part.

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