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Popular Fitness Center for Sale – Owner Retiring

DO NOT OPEN A FITNESS CENTER BUY A Beautiful WOMAN’S Fitness Center for Less Money. This unique NICHE caters to the 85% of women who […]


Great Opportunity for Owner/Operator, Personal Trainer, or First Time Gym B...

No Debt – All Bills Paid – Free and Clear Founded in 2012, this well-established business provides a full scope of fitness services including state […]


Popular Gym Chain for Sale in Shelby County – Priced to move

Sucessful 3 club chain in family oriented comunity is ideal for first time buyer, husband wife team, personal trainer or entrepreneur. The fitness industry is […]


Family Friendly Gym for Sale – in business 17 years. Ideal for Absen...

  This well run, family oriented gym is ideally suited for entrepreneur that is seeking a business that cash flows and allows for absentee ownership.  The […]


Lafayette, Louisiana Property for Sale

9,436 Sq Ft Commercial Building in SOUTH USA Built to easily reach entire CITIES Population High Growth area, on Main Street,high Auto count 5 minute […]


Owner Operator Rare Opportunity

Beautiful 9,054sq ft Full Service Fitness Centerhas been successful operation for 15 years becauses its the only total Women’s fitness center in the city.   Dry […]



Million Dollar Replacement Cost 23000 sq. ft. Gym Improvements and Equipment This newly renovated turn-key full service gym has been in business for 18 years. […]


Fitness Franchise For Sale!

Asking Price:$160,000 Cash Flow:$79,763 Gross Revenue:$176,456 EBITDA:N/A FF&E:N/A Inventory:N/A Lease Rate:$4,100 /Month Established:2010 Business Description Popular 24-7 fitness franchise for sale. Established in 2010, acquired […]


All New Fitness Center for Sale – Ideal for First Time Owner

BUY, State of the Art Full Service 16,500 sq ft. Fitness Center Located in well-known large shopping in North Central New Jersey on a Street […]


Be the OWNER of your very own gym!

Be the OWNER of your very own gym! Have $100,000 cash flow Profit NOW. Perfect for first time Owner, with 3 profit sources, easy to […]


We buy gym and fitness equipment from all over the country.

We buy gym and fitness equipment from all over the country. We have the experience to buyback your entire gym or fitness center and have […]


State of the Art Luxury Themed 14,000 Sq. Ft. Fitness Center In Ventura Co...

This gym is not only a full Service Fitness Center, but alsoa luxury Polynesian Resort StyleDesign and Ambiance State of the art strength and Cardio […]


Legally STEAL this club! Cash flow! Cash flow! Cash flow!

Cash Flow positive! Just looking for Owner Operator, Personal Trainer or Husband and Wife team that want to change their life and take this club […]


CASH FLOW KING! This club will return 25% on your investment annually!

The best club in town has recently doubled in size to handle a rapidly growing member base! This club has tons of equipment, lots of […]


DON’T MISS! Owner Operator Opportunity!

This club is just waiting for an Owner Operator, Husband and Wife, or a Personal trainer to run an already successful club! The gorgeous club […]

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Gym Valuation September 10, 2018

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Welcome to the premier resource for all gym brokerage information and services across the USA. I hope you enjoy your visit and explore everything our gym brokerage website has to offer, including gym and fitness center listings, information for gym buyers and sellers and more.

Established in 1989, WE ARE THE PREMIER


Say NO to high commissions!  Say NO to 10%

Save THOUSANDS when you sell!

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Same GFS listing, Same Service, Same Marketing!



For Sale By Owner with Exposure

Full GFS Listing

25 Photos Uploaded to GFS

Website Syndications

Listing Term: 6 months





Full GFS Listing

25 Photos Uploaded

Website Syndications

Full Service

Professional Feedback

Listing Term: 6 months

Why Pay A Commission


Follow These Gym Brokers’ Tips to Get a Good Price for Your Gym

Uncategorized June 15, 2018

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There are many reasons why you might want to sell your gym. Maybe you’re moving across the country and it’s just not going to be feasible for you to run your gym from there. Or maybe you’ve made enough money and decided to retire. Or maybe you found that your other fitness businesses, such as yoga or dance classes, were doing better in that area. So you’ve decided to stick to those and sell off the gym. Whatever the reason, it’s necessary to present your gym in the best way possible so that potential buyers will fall in love with it. And a gym broker can help you to do this.

Equipment Maintenance

If you want your gym to fetch a fair price (or even a price that’s above market value) you’re going to have to maintain it well. If you’ve always maintained your gym in good condition, you won’t have much to do at this point. But if you haven’t, it’s a good idea to go over your gym and check out the condition of all your equipment. Is it in good shape and functioning smoothly?

Do your treadmills or elliptical trainers need to be repaired? Are your weight machines in good shape? Are your free weights gleaming in a row or are they rusted, thus posing a health hazard? You may not want to bother with all these little things, given that you are selling your gym. But taking care of all these problems now will make sure that you get a good price for your gym. When the potential gym owner walks in, they want to see a gym in good working condition, not a fixer-upper.

General Maintenance

In addition to functioning equipment, you also need to make sure that your gym looks overall presentable when a potential owner walks in. It doesn’t hurt to give it a coat of paint, get the windows cleaned and fix any leaks that might have occurred over the years.

General cleanliness is also important. It’s a good idea to get professional cleaners to come in and thoroughly clean your gym. Throw out gym mats that are ten years old and get new ones. Make sure your carpet or flooring are clean. And most importantly, make sure your gym is well-lit and has an active feel. This will help you make that sale.

Contact us for more great tips for selling your gym.

We buy gym and fitness equipment from all over the country.

Fitness Center Broker, Gym Broker, Gym Equipment, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker February 26, 2018

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We buy gym and fitness equipment from all over the country. We have the experience to buyback your entire gym or fitness center and have all the equipment removed by our professional team. We have purchased hundreds of gyms for over 25 years and have become the leading industry equipment purchaser all over the USA. If you have a gym that is trading in equipment, closing, liquidating assets or have some extra gym equipment to sell please contact us at fmconsulting.net/contact or text 214-629-7223.

Gyms for Sale

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, new gym start up January 6, 2018

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Have you made the decision to sell your gym. This is a critical moment in your business cycle and we want to help you receive top offers. We understand that the sale is more than a transfer of assets and we will help you maximize the profits from your exit. We have over 30 Years of experience in the health & wellness industry and we know what buyers want. Contact us today! fmconsulting.net/contact or 800-929-2898.
#gymbroker #healthclubbroker #businessbroker #gymowners #fitness #mma#crossfit #kickboxing fmconsulting.net/gymsforsale

Listing Gym Broker – Co-broker

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, Health ClubValuation, new gym start up March 22, 2017

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We want to Help! Would you be willing to work with us as a Business Broker to help sell your business for you??? There are NO Fees until your business sells. We will Advertise, Market, Network & Promote your business For Sale. We will work hard for you. We want to Help! We have a very strong data base of buyers who we work with that are specifically interested in the fitness business. We look forward to hearing from you. Please advise ASAP so we may execute a Sale of your Business.

Other brokers are welcome to contact us.  We will co-broker.

Financing Opportunities for your Gym

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, Health ClubValuation, new gym start up September 28, 2016

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You can’t execute your vision for your gym if you don’t have the financial resources needed to implement it: this is a simple truth for every gym owner across the industry. It takes capital to transform vision into reality, and in most cases, the bank across the street from you may not be your best option. In fact, given the strict nature of bank lending over the past decade, it may not be an option at all.

Most small- and medium-sized gyms and fitness centers struggle to secure funding needed for acquisition, growth or working capital needs. Gym owners are focused on the day-to-day challenges of running their club, and it can be very difficult and time-consuming to survey a vast array of lending options to identify one that can actually be secured.

While every vision will not be suitable for every lender, there is usually a lending partner somewhere that is the right fit for that vision. And it is the role of Fitness Management & Consulting to connect you with a lender or investor that will allow you to move forward and take action.

Fitness Management is not a direct lender but an advisor and advocate to the small- and medium-sized gym community:

• We will promote and guide you throughout the lending process to secure the financial strength and flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

• Our firm brings guidance, focus and financial leverage to our clients by leading them through a lending maze that can be very difficult and frustrating to navigate without direction.

• We operate under a strict code of ethics in developing and implementing what we feel is the best financing solution for each and every client.

• And most critically, through a national network of lenders, investors and other financial partners, Fitness Management helps to put cash into our clients’ hands so they can implement their visions and realize their dreams.

Fitness Management & Consulting can provide you with financial solutions that allow you the freedom to run your gym…the freedom to move forward, the freedom to grow and the freedom to thrive.

Now, go get funding for your gym!   

Jim Thomas is the founder and president of Fitness Management USA Inc., a management consulting and turnaround firm specializing in the fitness and health club industry. With more than 25 years of experience owning, operating and managing clubs of all sizes, Thomas lectures and delivers seminars and workshops across the country on the practical skills required to successfully build teamwork and market fitness programs and products. Visit his Web site at: www.fmconsulting.net or www.jimthomasondemand.com.



Sealing the Deal: The Benefits of a Gym Broker

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, Health ClubValuation, new gym start up September 3, 2016

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Traditionally, a broker serves as a facilitator between buyer and seller, arranging transactions in exchange for a commission. If you’re starting a new gym or modifying your existing vendor list, you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of gym brokers. You don’t have to face the daunting venture of starting a fitness center business alone.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking of becoming a health club or fitness center owner, your gym broker can locate prospective sellers. A qualified gym broker will have valuable insight on buying and leasing space, establishing contracts with companies that supply the latest in health club equipment, and securing package deals. Your broker can also assist in acquiring the basics — pool maintenance products, locker room supplies, health and beauty products, or vending machines.

Establishing or Expanding Your Vender List

If you are just starting out as a fitness center owner, you don’t need to spend more time establishing your vendor list than you have to. For instance, if you would like to open a café or juice bar in your business, your gym broker may negotiate with potential food service vendors for the best contract that meets your needs. Your broker may also know about janitorial services, computer maintenance companies, or commercial repair services that offer special rates to new gym owners.

Other Knowledge and Resources

A gym broker should have extensive expertise in the health and fitness industry, whether it be as a fitness center owner, a trainer, a consultant, or even a motivational speaker on health and fitness. The more experience your broker has, the better equipped he or she is to approach potential vendors and effectively close the transaction. In other words, a broker with vast experience wears many hats, offering consulting services in the areas of sales, marketing and/or training.

Remember, with a seasoned, resourceful gym broker, you have a partner that works on your behalf to save you time and increase your profits. Contact Us for questions about gym brokers, health club management, and any other questions.

Sell Your Gym Now

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, Health ClubValuation, new gym start up April 13, 2016

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Is it time to sell?  Wanting a buyer for your gym? Don’t know where to find them? Our channels get thousands of hits each month.  When owners of gyms are looking to sell they turn to Fitness Management.  Fitness Management is your link to leading gyms and top business brokers by connecting you with quality prospective buyers and strategic acquirers.

Buy/Sell transactions are at the highest level since 2007.  For buyers, the represents strong value opportunity as a result of increasing revenue growth and stabilizing prices.  The consistently strong financial performance of gyms bodes well for the future and is why gym owners are earning healthy sales prices upon exit.

Fitness Management has Sr. Business Intermediaries looking for gyms in your area.  Reply now to find out if you are a possible match. Qualified buyers and strategic acquirers are out in force, it is truly a seller’s market.  Act now for a no-obligation consultation. Please fill in the requested information and one of our Sr. Advisors will contact you on your confidential line.

TRUFUSION Studio Purchases Rights To Fly Gym Fitness Program

Fitness Center Broker, Fitness Center Valuation, Gym Broker, Gym Valuation, Gyms for Sale, Health Club Broker, Health Club Valuation, Health ClubValuation, new gym start up December 22, 2015

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Vegas-Based Fitness Franchise Announces Ownership of Aerial Exercise Model

LAS VEGAS – Dec. 22, 2015 // PRNewswire // – TRUFUSION, the Las Vegas-based workout studio known for its unique variety of group classes and hot fusion workouts, has announced ownership of holistic aerial fitness system, Fly Gym. TRUFUSION will offer Fly Gym to its members at new locations as the brand expands nationwide.

Fly Gym Fitness Program is an innovative fusion of yoga, Pilates and cirque inspired movements. The workout method combines traditional elements of endurance, strength and power with the addition of flexibility, stability and release. Fly Gym Aerial Fitness uses an 11 piece set which includes fabric slings, daisy chains and carabiners that are hung from the ceiling. Pam Carter and Karen Andes originally came up with the concept in an effort to train first time students who wanted to build strength. Today, Fly Gym is used by individuals of all abilities to achieve optimal wellness in a creative way.

As a pioneer amongst fitness studios, TRUFUSION is a one-of-a-kind fitness concept that motivates each member to be the best version of themselves. Some of the fusion-based classes the studio offers include Kettlebell, Battle Ropes, Pilates, Barre and Yoga in heated rooms set at 104 degrees. As a rapidly growing franchise, TRUFUSION continues to expand its repertoire of innovative workouts by offering gravity-free training with Fly Gym.

“At TRUFUSION, we strive to satisfy our members by thinking outside-of-the-box and offering ground-breaking fitness classes,” said Jonathan Fornaci, President and COO of TRUFUSION. “We look forward to introducing the gravity-free training of Fly Gym to our community.”

For more information about TRUFUSION, visit www.TRUFUSION.com, and for information on franchise opportunities, please visit www.TRUFUSION.com/franchise.


Founded in 2013, TRUFUSION is a one-of-a-kind group fitness studio that offers over 200 unique fusion workout classes per week including Hot Pilates, Tru Kettlebell, Battle Ropes Express, Barefoot Bootcamp, Yinfused, and more. Placing an emphasis on inspiring a community setting in the studio, the popular Las Vegas-based franchise has developed a loyal fan base of locals that coin themselves members of the TruTribe. Offering several additional products and services including a full smoothie bar, healthy food items, and an original line of workout apparel, TRUFUSION is a one-stop shop for all things health and fitness.



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A Recommendation of Jim Thomas, President of Fitness Management and Consulting

by Norm Cates, Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993

Jim Thomas is a talented, experienced, dedicated, determined, and very professional expert in the health, racquet and sportsclub industry. A club industry veteran of over 30 years, Jim has been a Club Insider Contributing Author since March of 2006, when he joined our Club Insider Contributing Author Team. During that time Jim has written and contributed 50 articles which have been published during our 284 months of Club Insider publishing. Jim Thomas is a truly great asset to our publication, and to our wonderful industry, and he can be trusted to deliver great results, over and over, no matter what the challenge.


Call Today

Broker Services

When is it Time to Sell Your Health Club or Gym?


Owners of Health Clubs all reach a point in the history of their enterprise when it is time to “hang it up.”

Many factors will tell you when it is time:

  • Gym Owner’s “burn out” Owner’s or key employee’s health problems
  • Business relocation or rerouting of expressways
  • Lease expires and you do not want to renew for another term
  • Changing technology Get estate in order
  • Not interested in investing long-term capital
  • Children do not want to enter family gym business
  • Under-capitalized
  • Largest accounts in financial difficulty
  • Bank unwilling to renew credit lines for gym financing
  • Supplier and gym vendor problems
  • Staff problems
  • Gym member’s habits changing
  • Seeks retirement
  • Wants to cash out and go fishing

Whatever the reason, you will need to plan an orderly transition to new ownership with less involvement on your part.

For More Information, Please Contact Us: 800-929-2898
fax 214-292-9553
/ Email us today with details on your business.