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Know your customer! Marketing for fitness centers

So many people will have the same new year's resolution. They want to get fit. January is when membership registration soars at many fitness centers. However, when it gets to be March that tapers off. It doesn't have to be that way though. With the right marketing...

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MINDBODY: Software Solution for your business.

MINDBODY: Software Solution for your business. MINDBODY works with 60,000 clients in over 130 countries with millions of consumers using the software to schedule appointments, book classes and make payments. For every business that comes to MINDBODY, the team assists...

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Can a Gym Consultant Help Me Run My Fitness Business?

There comes a point, no matter which industry, when a business owner finds that they need help. It is in these moments that they start to think about hiring a consultant. Whether you are a gym startup or an established fitness business, hiring a consultant is very...

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Gym Sales Training for a Non-salesperson

Unless you're a YouTube star opening your own gym after collecting thousands of fans, you're going to need to sell memberships, training, and apparel at your gym to become profitable. Sales, however, can be a daunting prospect to the uninitiated. There are a few...

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