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How to Develop a Fitness Center Business Plan

Running a fitness center is a dream for many people. The work is rewarding, and you are your own boss. Having success is harder than many people realize. Although your work is important, you must make a profit when running your business. If you want to have success...

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Discover the Value of Gym Sales Training

You would likely rather have your team speaking to potential customers that sitting through a gym sales training session. However, not every person has a "sales personality" that will allow them to smoothly and effectively deal with potential customers. For many, it...

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5 Free and Inexpensive Fitness Center Marketing Ideas

In today's world, fitness center owners need all the help they can get to break through the noise and get noticed. Don't you agree? Fitness center marketing is key. But, what is the best approach? For many, the first thought is expensive advertising and marketing...

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The Biggest Mistakes New Gym Startups Must Avoid

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only about half of all businesses survive 5 years. However, a new gym startup is tougher than many other ventures. Moreover, the increasing popularity of the "warehouse gym" is a double-edged sword. One one hand,...

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Managing a gym means keeping your members happy

Are you lacking creative ideas to boost not only the sales at your facility, but also the mood of your membership? Your members are one of your best sales vehicles, so draw out their opinions to get a sense of how they feel about their experience. You can transform...

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Inspire Your Members with New Group Fitness Classes

Are you looking to refresh your fitness class schedule for 2017? Adding new group fitness classes is a great way to inspire your members to get to the gym more often. Here are just a  few classes that are making waves this year. Fitness set to heart pumping music is...

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Marketing for Fitness: How to Bring in Millennials

If you are looking for marketing for fitness ideas, you could be wondering how you can bring in more millennials to your health club. This can be a great group to target, so follow these tips. Offer Reasonable Prices Many millennials are having a tough time finding...

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